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How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to your word.

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  • Launch a Blog or Ministry Website by the End of the Day

    ProDIY · Sponsored — Create a blog or ministry website inside of a day with Pro DIY’s simple yet powerful website builder. No web design experience is needed and the website builder comes with marketing tools and hundreds of high-quality graphics and images[…]

  • Oppression of Egyptian Christians worsens during COVID-19 pandemic

    Egypt (MNN) -- Millions of Christians live in Egypt, making up about 10 percent of the population. These Christians represent many denominations, including Coptic Orthodox, Eastern Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant. But these believers face […]

  • Petition launched as ‘Unpregnant’ Movie Encourages Secret Abortions for Minors

    A new show on HBO has been criticized by a Christian group, who has launched a petition to see it removed.   HBO Max has released an abortion comedy titled ‘Unpregnant’, which started streaming September 10. The show is centered one […]

  • Why Isn't God More Obvious?

    Why is it that God does not seem to approach in a much more obvious way? One answer has been that God's existence is not a matter of reality and facts. Isn't it more of a faith position, anyway? Isn't it more about a leap in the dark than an embrace […]

  • FMI purchases land for church planters in Bangladesh

    Bangladesh (MNN) – Church building is officially in the works in Bangladesh, but what makes it different this time around? FMI typically supplies church planters with funds to get building materials, but in Bangladesh, they are helping with the […]

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