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The wicked borrows but does not pay back, but the righteous is generous and gives.

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  • May God Open Our Eyes to the Needy People Who Surround Us

    Recently I shared this story on my Facebook: I took a road I normally don’t and was stuck at a long red light. A woman called, “Got change for a dollar?” I gave her money and one of my little books about Heaven, which includes the Gospel. […]

  • Christians in Vietnam count high cost for faith

    Vietnam (CAM) -- Earlier this year a husband and father in northern Vietnam was released from prison, where he had served more than two years – and not for the opium-smoking so popular in his village. Thuan* had grown up surrounded by friends […]

  • Deaf teams encounter challenges in El Salvador

    El Salvador (MNN) -- Deaf teams are back to working in person following pandemic lockdowns earlier this year. According to Wycliffe USA’s Andy Keener, Salvadoran Sign Language is much easier to understand in person. “For Deaf people, not […]

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