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  • Washington Football Coach Fired for on-Field Prayers; Supreme Court agrees to hear case

    A football coach fired for praying during a game back in 2015 has finally found out that the Supreme Court will agree to hear his case. Joe Kennedy was fired as an assistant coach at Bremerton High School almost seven years ago, making headlines […]

  • Fire damages Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh

    Bangladesh (MNN) -- Life gets tougher for the Rohingya. A fire ripped through a Bangladesh refugee camp on Sunday, destroying hundreds of homes. Officials have reported no casualties, nor could they discover the cause of the fire. Last week, a […]

  • Deaf ministry expands in 2022

    International (MNN) -- As a new year begins, President/CEO Rob Myers sees exciting things on the horizon for DOOR International and Deaf ministry in general. “One exciting thing is information sharing and being aware of who’s working where,” […]

  • Launch a Blog or Ministry Website by the End of the Day

    ProDIY · Sponsored — Create a blog or ministry website inside of a day with Pro DIY’s simple yet powerful website builder. No web design experience is needed and the website builder comes with marketing tools and hundreds of high-quality graphics and images[…]

  • My Totally Candid Reflections on the COVID Vaccinations

    Although I myself have not been vaccinated (more on that shortly), I have never been remotely anti-vax, nor have I ever downplayed the lethal nature of the virus. Not for a second. As I wrote in my very first article on COVID on March 2, 2020, […]

  • 5 Things Every Christian Should Know on How Haitian Missionaries Escaped Their Captors

    It’s a miracle. There’s no other way to describe it. You see, 12 missionaries held captive in Haiti have escaped their brutal captors and are safely back in the US. How they escaped – not rescued – will make for an incredible movie someday. […]

  • Lebanon to hold elections on March 27

    Lebanon (MNN) -- Lebanon prepares to hold parliamentary elections on March 27. The announcement comes as much of the country deals with rolling blackouts. Anger over the economic collapse led to protestors damaging the state electric company’s […]

  • e3 Partners visit persecuted Christians in Middle East

    Middle East (MNN) — “He said, ‘It is worth it.’ And he said, ‘I will gladly go to prison or even give my life for the Gospel to be proclaimed.’” Pastor Breck Ladd describes an e3 Partners mission trip he recently joined in the Middle […]

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