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  • Peace Amid the Noise

    Does the noise of the world get to you, too? Living in an age where, because of the internet, everything can be shared on a whim, we are constantly exposed to all the different views and opinions of the world. It all can feel very confusing, […]

  • I Won’t Blame God For Very Bad Days

    Have you ever had a day like this? A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day where one thing after another keeps piling up, as it did for Job, one of the Bible’s most inspiring characters?  “One day … a messenger came to Job and said, […]

  • PRAY: Muslims Reportedly Slaughter Father in Front of His Young Children For Defending Fellow Christians

    A Catholic father was shot to death in Pakistan July 10 over his objection to the mistreatment of local Christians, Christian Daily International–Morning Star News reported. Listen to the latest episode of “Quick Start” Marshall […]

  • The Mountain-Moving Power of Faith

    Let’s talk about faith. Faith is an important and recurring theme in the Bible. Believers are called to put their faith in God’s word. But what is faith, and why is it so important that we develop it? Does faith change our lives? The Bible […]

  • TikTok “blasphemy” leads to death sentence for Pakistani Christian

    Pakistan (MNN) -- Another young Christian is sentenced to death under Pakistan’s notorious blasphemy laws. The 27-year-old believer allegedly shared a photo of a damaged Quran on TikTok following widespread attacks on the Christian community […]

  • Christian billionaire found guilty of $36 billion Wall Street fraud

    A Christian billionaire has been found guilty of securities fraud over the collapse of his hedge fund. Sung Kook “Bill” Hwang’s hedge fund, Archegos Capital Management, collapsed in 2021 to the tune of $36 billion. Hwang, who co-founded […]

  • Collaboration in Christ: the “sweet spot” in audio Bible distribution

    International (MNN) — Unknown Nations embraces the heart of Christ-like collaboration through a partnership with MegaVoice to bring more audio Bibles to unreached people groups. “It’s critical,” Greg Kelley from Unknown Nations says, […]

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