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As in water face reflects face, so the heart of man reflects the man.


  • Protests in Iran: the crackdown, a missing Christian activist and the aftermath

    Iran (MNN) – Iran’s protests felt like a revolution was in the wind. The protestors seemed to be bolder, more focused, and overall, observers thought that what was happening in Iran reflected a shift in the Middle East of growing […]

  • Thanks to new tech, Deaf Christians can find a church family

    International (MNN) -- What would your life look like if you couldn’t attend church? What if you didn’t have God’s Word in your heart language? This is the reality for Deaf people around the world, and Deaf Bible Society is […]

  • Ethiopia may not be the Christian safe haven it has been

    Ethiopia (MNN) -- Ethiopia -- compared to its neighbors like Eritrea, Somalia, and Sudan -- is the tamest of the bunch when it comes to religious violence. But Greg Musselman with The Voice of the Martyrs Canada says that is changing. “I […]

  • 5 Disturbing Reasons Democrats Are Impeaching President Trump

    It’s all politics. The impeachment of President Trump in the House and the trial in the Senate is partisan. Liking President Trump or not, doesn’t matter. Being a socialist, Democrat or Independent doesn’t matter. What matters is […]

  • Donald Trump to be the first ever president to attend March for Life

    In a first, US President Donald Trump has announced that he will speak at a pro-life event in Washington. March for Life’s annual conference, to be held Friday January 24, is a big event for both Christians and those supporting pro-life. But […]

  • Are you stuck in last century’s business model?

    Just last week, we had some friends over for dinner who run a very big company. They have ten megastores and a big wholesale business, employ over 400 people, and have a massive head office the size of a football field or two. To say the company is […]

  • New laws could allow China to regulate all church activity

    Experts have expressed concern as the Chinese government plan to introduce new laws ensuring tighter restrictions and monitoring of all religious activity. Open Doors reports that the regulations, set to take effect 1 February, will attempt to […]


  • 47 Years After Roe and Efforts to Reenchant Humanity

    The Christian Outlook – January 25, 2020 Kevin McCullough talks impeachment and reelection with President Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale. Bob Burney tells a story that illustrates the on-the-ground effectiveness of […]

  • Biblical History in Broken Jars

    Why the Bible “Sweats” the Details

  • Hour 1: Not For Sale

    Born and raised in a small Oregon town, our guest was a varsity athlete and honor roll student with a promising future. Then a predator pretending to be her boyfriend lured her into a web of lies that sent her down a path she never imagined […]

  • Hour 1: Finding Your Calling

    Imagine how different your life would be if you spent your time doing the very thing that brings you the greatest joy. It’s possible, but most people spend their days making minimal progress on multiple tasks competent at many things but […]

  • Hour 2: Be Anxious For Nothing

    Scripture says "be anxious for nothing," yet most of us find ourselves increasingly worried and anxious--about our families, our jobs, our finances, our security, and so much more. We're even worried about our level of […]


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