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  • Dignity Kits keep girls in the classroom

    Kenya (MNN) -- Cultural taboos prevent thousands of young girls from continuing their education in Kenya. In remote villages, it’s considered shameful to talk about menstruation, so moms don’t warn their daughters about the changes that occur […]

  • Federal court allows fertility awareness health coverage; blocks Biden administration

    A federal court issued an order late Friday that blocks the Biden administration’s procedurally flawed attempt to eliminate health insurance coverage for fertility awareness-based methods of family planning from requirements that cover at least 58 […]

  • Heart4Afghanistan serves those traumatized by the Taliban

    Afghanistan (MNN) -- When the Taliban conquered Afghanistan one year ago, Heart4Iran’s call center was flooded with calls from frightened people. Mike Ansari says, “They were hopeless, traumatized, and afraid for their lives. All of the […]

  • New Movement Aims to Share ‘Original Testament’ with the World

    Written by CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell JERUSALEM, Israel – Ninety percent of the world’s languages do not have a translation of the Old Testament. One movement seeks to change that and spur a global revolution in Bible […]

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